Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Undergraduate researchers being awesome

Laura Brown (mentored by Anita Antoninka) presents on microarthropod communities inhabiting biocrusts at NAU's UGRADS Symposium.

Harlan Tso (a former REU Scholar with us) presents his current work on the swimming efficiency at different water flow rates of natiev and non-native fish at NAU's UGRADS Symposium.

Danny DePinte (mentored by Matt Bowker) presents on the effects of adding biochar to soils on soil moisture and crop production. Danny is pciture here at the Hooper Undergraduate Symposium. He also presented at UGRADS.

Congratulations to our talented and bright undergraduate researchers, and to Lucas Molina who was awarded a Hooper Undergraduate Award to work with us starting next Fall.

So long to our visiting scholars from China

L to R: Matt Bowker, Yunge Zhao, Wuxian (Rose) Xu, Mingxiang Xu

As I work on the materials for my visa to visit China in August, I am reminded that this post is very much overdue. Yunge, Mingxiang, and their daughter Rose spent about 6 productive months here in Flagstaff. It was a great benefit for my students to get to know them, and for me to collaborate with them. Also, I personally will very much miss the dumplings. Goodbye and see you again soon.