Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Biocrust session in the books. Thanks!

The crusties & entourage taking over Dara Thai. We are stretching all the way to that back wall!

Huge thanks to everyone who made the biocrust session at the 13th Biennial Conference on Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau and Southwest Region a stunning success. Special thanks to the students who were the real organizers: Ana Giraldo (ASU), Carrie Havrilla (CU),  Chris Ives (NAU), Kristina Young (NAU). Thanks also the School of Forestry and Merriam-Powell Center (NAU), and USGS for making it all happen.

This is the third such session in a row, and the fourth if we go back a few years. 

We had friends and collaborators from as far as Missoula and Berkeley and Corvallis, and the usual suspects from Boulder, Moab, and Tempe.... cementing this as one of our favorite events. See you next time.