Thursday, July 30, 2015

International Conference on Mycorrhizae in FLAGSTAFF, NEXT WEEK!

It's next week, August 3 - 7. This is the 8th edition of the conference, and of all places in the world its right here in good 'ole Flagstaff thanks to Nancy Johnson and Kitty Gehring. Also big thanks to School of Forestry Director Jim Allen for supporting student attendance. In all, hundreds of researchers from 55 nations will be attending!

Read about it here:

You can speak to lab members at the School of Forestry table.

Also please check out these talks and posters by lab members:
LT 3-12
MycoDB: a global database for mycorrhizal meta-analyses

CHAUDHARY, V.B., A. Antoninka, J. Bever, J. Cannon, A. Craig, J. Duchicella, A. Frame, C. Gehring, M. Ha, M. Hart, J. Hopkins, B. Ji, N.C. Johnson, W. Kaonongbua, J. Karst, R. Koide, J. Lamit, L. McCormack, J. Meadow, B. Milligan, J. Moore, T. Pendergast, B. Piculell, B. Ramsby, M. Rúa, S. Simard, S. Shrestha, J. Umbanhower, W. Viechtbauer, L. Walters, G. Wilson, P. Zee and J. Hoeksema

LT 4-10
Community patterns of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal spores in the Serengeti

KRZNARICH, S., A. Antoninka, B.M. Stevens and N.C. Johnson

PS 4-24
The role of mycorrhizae and soil organism communities in restoring a native grass, Bouteloua gracilis,in the face of a dynamic climate and exotic species invasion

REMKE, M.J., M. Bowker and N.C. Johnson

LT 3-14
Home-field advantage. Does the geographic origin of plants, mycorrhizal fungi and soil determine plant responses to mycorrhizal symbioses?

RÚA, M.A., A. Antoninka, P.M. Antunes, V.B. Chaudhary, C. Gehring, L.J. Lamit, B.J. Piculell, J. Bever, C. Zabinski, J.F.
Meadow, M.J. Lajeunesse, B.G. Milligan, M. Gardes, J. Karst and J.D. Hoeksema

LT 1-8
Community of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and landscape fragmentation in a Mexican tropical rain forest

SÁNCHEZ-GALLEN, I., A. Antoninka, L.V. Hernández-Cuevas and J. Álvarez-Sánchez