Here's a bunch of us at the Biocrust 3 conference, September 2016. L to R: Kyle Doherty (Ph.D. student), Anita Antoninka (Research Associate), Pete Chuckran (former Technician), Matt Bowker (PI), Mike Remke (Ph.D. student), Kristina Young (M.S. student) , Henry Grover (Ph.D. Student), Yunge Zhou (former visiting professor)

Current Lab Members

Dr. Matthew Bowker, Principal Investigator

Dr. Anita Antoninka, Research Associate

Kyle Doherty, former M.S. Student, current Ph.D student

Michael Remke, Ph. D. Student

Henry Grover, Ph.D Student

Lydia Bailey, M.S. Student

Cristina Rengifo-Faiffer, M.S. Student

Landon Kuestersteffen, Hooper undergraduate scholar, M.F. student

Mildred Diaz, Hooper undergraduate scholar

Sedona Spann, Technician

Michael Sloan, Technician

Lab Visitors

no visitors at this time

Former Lab Members

Jesse Mike, M.S. Student

Kristina Young, M.S. Student

Jenny Hedin, REU Scholar

Chris Ives, M.S. Student

Channing Laturno, Technician & undergraduate researcher (NASA Space grant intern)

Laura Brown, Undergraduate Researcher

Daniel DePinte, Undergraduate Hooper Fellow

Pete Chuckran, Technician

Dustin Kebble, Technician

Harlan Tso, REU scholar

Amanda Knauf, undergraduate researcher

Tonny Huang, REU Scholar

Lucas Molina, Undergraduate Hooper Fellow

Anjali Zukosky, Interns to Scholars Fellow

Jeff Wright, Technician

Ansley Roberts, Technician

Katarina Smail, Technician

Past Lab Visitors

Edith Allen, visiting scholar (Professor, University of California Riverside)

Dr. Mingxiang Xu, visiting scholar (Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institure of Soil & Water Conservation)

Dr. Laura Concostrina, visiting scholar (Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Max Mallen-Cooper, visiting scholar (Ph.D. candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia)

Angela LaFuente, visiting scholar (Ph.D. candidate, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)

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