Sunday, June 25, 2017

Field Guide to Biocrust of Bandelier National Monument, NM

Here is the newly completed field guide to biocrust lichens and mosses of Bandelier National Monument in northern New Mexico.  We were able to find 23 different lichen and moss species within the Monument. While this is not an exhaustive list of all biocrust lichen and moss species within Bandelier, it is an example of the diversity of biocrust species present and provides the first taxa list for the Monument that can built upon in future work.

The guide is free to all and can be downloaded as a pdf here

Huge thanks to all the people who made this guide possible. Including our survey team Pete Chuckran, Armin Howell, Robin Reibold, Sarah Fischer, Channing Laturno, and Dustin Kebble. In additional to all the support and resources provided by Sasha Reed, Mike Duniway, Jayne Belnap, Kay Beeley, Jeremy Sweat, Craig Allen, Hilda Smith, Erika Geiger, our funding source the Natural Resource Preservation Program (NRPP) of the US Geological Survey, and Bandelier National Monument.

From left to right: Dustin Kebble, Kristina Young, Channing Laturno, Armin Howell, Robin Reibold, and Pete Chuckran