Monday, July 28, 2014

Bowker Soil Ecology Lab, Northern Arizona University - Launching our new lab website

Welcome to our new website devoted to highlighting the people and research of the forest-rangeland soil ecology lab at the School of Forestry of Northern Arizona University. We are mostly a group of community and ecosystem ecologists, many of us with a strong interest in restoration ecology. Mostly we focus on soil organisms, but we are also plant ecologists. Our collective taxonomic specialties include biocrusts, mycorrhizal fungi, soil fauna, and vascular plants. Our subject matter is ecosystem functioning of soils, plant-soil interactions, biodiversity, development of restoration technologies, and empirical tests of community ecology theory. Much of our work is applied toward solving real world problems such as combatting soil erosion or plant invasions, enhancing agricultural sol fertility using forest waste, or providing the research background to inform assisted migration of plants. Above all, we like dirt and the biota that call it home.

Much of the content is currently under construction, but our plan is to maintain a blog as an active part of the website. This post kicks off the blog...please check back for updated content

Ceratodon purpureus, a.k.a. fire moss, grows on charcoal form a recent forest fire.

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