Monday, January 19, 2015

New collaboration and study site: MPG Ranch in Montana

Syntrichia ruralis

Peltigera rufescense

Thunderstorm over the Bitterroots.

Joshua Lisbon, Kyle Doherty and Philip Ramsey on the way up Mt. Baldy.

Soil surface from the same location as above, featuring Diploschistes muscorum and friends.

I am absolutely delighted to hear that we'll be able to initiate a new research collaboration with MPG Ranch in Montana this year. MPG Ranch features intriguing land use histories, steep environmental gradients, an active restoration program, and crusts...lots of 'em. Oh, and its absolutely beautiful and close to one of the best cities in the USA, Missoula. Emphatic thanks to Rebecca Durham, Philip Ramsey, Joshua Lisbon, and Dan Mummey for the excellent tour last summer, and assistance in developing this collaboration. We hope to make MPG Ranch a northern cornerstone of our biocrust restoration research program.

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