Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Moss experiments with Northland Preparatory Academy

Seventh grade blogger, Michal Swanson, has been documenting the year in science in Susan Brown's Northland Preparatory Academy classroom in her blog titled "I'm lichen it". The Bowker Lab has been featured a few times as a result of Dr. Antoninka's involvement with the class. She visited several times to help students learn about biocrusts, climate change, and to set up a semester-long experiment testing climate change effects on Syntrichia ruralis

Check out some of these posts (and feel free to browse others):
1. The semester long experiment we conducted to look at how mosses respond to altered climate
2. Moss revival (videos from Kyle Doherty).
3. An interview with Dr. Antoninka
4. Her visit to our NAU facilities

Great job Michal!

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