Michael Remke

 I am a plant ecologist with research interest spanning the breadth of temperate ecosystems from arid desert grasslands to mesic alpine tundra. I hold a strong ecological lens when exploring the mysteries of the world. With this, I have expanded from plants to soil ecology and even entomology as I explore plant-soil microbe interactions and plant-pollinator interactions. My research often holds a perspective that aims to understand how complex biotic systems respond to dynamic environments.  Under this umbrella I have explored plant responses to early snowmelt, warming, drought, exotic species invasion, and adaption to several of these phenomena when paired with their “home team” soil organism communities as opposed to novel soil organism communities. I possess a strong interest in conservation and restoration ecology and attempt to ensure my research possess a practical application based perspective.  My research interest stand on interdisciplinary terms and are very dynamic. Despite my current focus in plant-soil microbe interactions  I am also strongly interested in how changes in plant cover may influence snow dynamics including hydrology and avalanche risk, paleo forest disturbance and using paleo knowledge to better predict future forest disturbance, and how biologic soil crust influence the establishment and growth of vascular plants.

An experimental set up in the alpine of southwest Colorado's San Juan Mountains testing plant community response to early snow melt and warmer growing season temperatures. 


B.S. Fort Lewis College, 2012. 


  1. Congratulations on your recent recognition, Michael! As we hold our breaths in an anticipation of the first great dust storm that will coat this year's meager snowfall, I can't help but think about how timely and necessary your work is. Don't hesitate to let me know if the FLC Environmental Center can ever lend you a hand (or several) in executing your research down here in the San Juans! Again, congratulations!

    1. So sorry, I just now saw this! Thanks so much, Rachel. I will stay in touch!

  2. Hello Dr. Remke, I think it's you who suggested via the Denver Post that Coloradans plant buffalo grass and blue gama. A couple of follow up questions: Do you recommend one or the other, or a mix of the two? And where do I get seeds for these things? (Or is there a better way to do it?) Also, would I just mow like normal, or do they need to grow taller than standard lawn grasses? Thanks, -Ari Armstrong (first name, middle initial "l" as in Larry, last name, no spaces, at gmail.com)